[Beowulf] Virtualization in head node ?

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Thu Sep 17 02:13:56 PDT 2009

Passthru's obviously won't usually
work -- if you had an OS from a decade ago that didn't know about USB,
I'd guess that the USB drivers would either not work or would actively
break it.  OTOH, you can deconfigure USB passthru.  

For what its worth, my current desktop is a 'recycled' XP workstation -
quite nice as it has SCSI drives. I had the idea of using the existing
XP partition under
Virtualbox (you can do this - you can point Virtualbox to a real disk
partition and boot it up).
I got the OS to boot up - but it fails as the 'real' install of XP never
had the drivers for
USB keyboards. You would have to boot it up for real with a PS2 keyboard
and mouse, then load
up the correct drivers. I didn't take it much further than that.

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