[Beowulf] Virtualization in head node ?

Stuart Barkley stuartb at 4gh.net
Wed Sep 16 16:51:30 PDT 2009

This is drifting off topic but I want to clarify two points:

- I'm not advocating violating any licensing agreement.  I am
interested in aspects of environments which interact with license
management code.

- I suspect attempting to move a Windows VM between two different VM
implementations is troublesome.  For example, moving between VMWare
and VirtualBox or between major versions of a single emulation
environment.  I suspect these systems present substantially different
environments which would trigger the Microsoft Product Activation

I am curious about people's experience in moving virtual machines
between VM implementations.

I'm also interested in archival aspects of virtual machines and
expected future operational capabilities.  I'm glad to see relatively
successful emulations of early systems I've used (IBM 1130, DEC-10).

In addition to archiving source code and data files, does anyone worry
about archiving hardware or other items to ensure reproducibility of
results in the future?

Stuart Barkley

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