[Beowulf] Workloads for Dell VIA Nano?

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Sun May 17 02:46:16 PDT 2009


OK, so these things are 1.6Ghz and not whizzy multicore Shanghai/Nehalems,
but they're packing them in the size of a drive bay and they draw 30 watts at
peak load. Room on board for 3gig, and a rotating or solid state drive.
And I've just noticed - you can't buy them unless you ask nicely.

With the solid state drive, I'd say definite applications in vehicle on board
clustering. Image recognition for robotic vehicles?
Or beyond the data centre, applications as a server farm in mobile
environments where you don't have a lot of power? Roll it off the
truck in a flight case,
pay some attention to water and dust proofing, hook it up via a small
UPS for line conditioning
and power sags and you're off and running.

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