[Beowulf] [potentially off-topic] hiring consultant(s) w/ HPC experience

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri May 15 11:03:16 PDT 2009

Hi folks,

I think job postings from principals are OK for these lists, apologies  
in advance if they are not.
(Posting under my personal address since that is how I'm subscribed to  
these lists. Strictly speaking I'm posting on behalf of my company  

Summery: BioTeam is a small consulting company operating in the really  
fun niche between life science informatics and high performance IT.  
Our HPC related infrastructure and storage workload has spiked quite  
high so it's time to look for one or more new additions to the team.  
We are basically looking for the rare combination of people who have  
knowledge/experience spanning multiple domains while at the same time  
being comfortable & competent with "client-facing" stuff like  
technical writing, training and speaking in front of audiences. We  
have no backoffice support staff and operate as an entirely virtual  
company so we also need people comfortable working independently and  
without a lot of management hand-holding.

Job posting is here: http://bioteam.net/company/careers.html


{corporate hat: chris at bioteam.net}

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