Alan Louis Scheinine alscheinine at tuffmail.us
Mon Jun 22 20:42:59 PDT 2009

Brock Palen,

In your original posting you spoke of setting options using PGI_POST_COMPILE_OPTS
without specifying the type of option.  In your follow-up post you wrote

> using PGI's unified binary, to support all of these
> -tp x64,amd64e,barcelona-64

Interesting.  A PGI WWW page says:
> GI compilers can generate a single PGI Unified Binary™ executable
 > fully optimized for both Intel EM64T and AMD64 processors, delivering
 > all the benefits of a single x64 platform while enabling you to leverage
 > the latest innovations from both Intel and AMD.

For different AMD revisions also in the same binary?  Reading the manual, it seems
that there are no restrictions on what can be in the "-tp" list.

The environment variable PGI_POST_COMPILE_OPTS seems like the appropriate
place to set the "-tp" options.  Tell use whether the Cray digests this
innovative use.



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