[Beowulf] Sell a U41 rack w/ computers and switches

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Thu Jul 2 16:48:42 PDT 2009

> Hello everyone, I helped a friend get his cluster up and running and but
> when he found out how much it would cost for electricity and maintenance
> he
> became fond of the idea of just selling the thing.
> Its a U41 amax rack with 14 blades with 4 1.6ghz processors, 4gb ram,
> 250gb
> harddisks each.   Two heavy duty UPSs, Three switches, everything is
> gigabit, and controlled by bladelike monitor/keyboard/mouse.  Basically it
> is good to go.
> I have written software which pxe boots an operating system on all nodes
> except for the first, making maintenance way easy for anyone who knows
> what
> they are doing.(my website has more details)
> I would put this guy on ebay, but considering we needed a forklift to move
> it in the first place it be great to find someone in the San Francisco bay
> area to avoid a shipping nightmare.

Please do not take this the wrong way, but how can someone buy
an expensive piece of IT hardware and not have an understanding
of the power requirements/cost?

This intrigues me. As someone who reads and writes quite a
bit about HPC I assumed the power and cooling message was well
understood. If it is not, maybe there is more to write about!


> Thanks,
> - Karlan Thomas Mitchell
> - http://3dstoneage.com
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