[Beowulf] PERC 5/E problems

Vlad Manea vlad at geociencias.unam.mx
Thu Dec 31 09:13:56 PST 2009

Thanks all for your replays,

In the end I think I found the problem: It looks like I have the PERC 
model M778G which apparently
does NOT do RAID (maybe some of you can confirm that :-) ). I was 
thinking (wrongly maybe...) that
all PERC cards do RAID...


Skylar Thompson escribió:
> Vlad Manea wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a PERC 5/E card installed on my frontend (Dell PE 2970) that
>> will be
>> used to connect a MD1000 from Dell.
>> I have a problem: PERC 5/E is not showing in BIOS.  When the server is
>> starting up, I cannot
>> press Ctrl-R to launch the PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller BIOS
>> (the card does not display it's bios boot message saying "hit ctrl-r
>> for perc 5...").
>> I tried a different PCI slot and riser but with no luck.
>> Is out there anybody that might give a hand fixing this?
> I can't remember if the Dell BIOS has this option, but some BIOSs allow
> you to clear the PCI bus cache. That will trigger a full rescan of all
> the cards that are attached and could get it listed in the boot process
> again. If the BIOS doesn't have that option, you could try setting the
> BIOS clear jumper.

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