[Beowulf] Beowulf Storage Node

Matt Lawrence matt at technoronin.com
Sun Apr 12 10:53:09 PDT 2009

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009, Залетнев Дмитрий wrote:

> I have a motherboard with 4x SATAII-ports and without RAID. If I'll 
> connect to these ports 4 identical SATAII 250 GB 7200 rpm HDDs and 
> install Linux, is it possible to have software RAID 0 using Linux?

Sure it is.  The only issue you may run into is that the partition 
containing /boot can't be on software RAID, grub & lilo don't know how to 
deal with RAID partitions.  My solution has been to put /boot on Compact 
Flash that is plugged into the motherboard IDE connector via a $5 adapter 

-- Matt
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