[Beowulf] Strange SGE scheduling problem

Schoenefeld, Keith schoenk at utulsa.edu
Tue Jul 22 14:54:53 PDT 2008

My cluster has 8 slots (cores)/node in the form of two quad-core
processors. Only recently we've started running jobs on it that require
12 slots.  We've noticed significant speed problems running multiple 12
slot jobs, and quickly discovered that the node that was running 4 slots
on one job and 4 slots on another job was running both jobs on the same
processor cores (i.e. both job1 and job2 were running on CPU's #0-#3,
and the CPUs #4-#7 were left idling.  The result is that the jobs were
competing for time on half the processors that were available.

In addition, a 4 slot job started well after the 12 slot job has ramped
up results in the same problem (both the 12 slot job and the four slot
job get assigned to the same slots on a given node).

Any insight as to what is occurring here and how I could prevent it from
happening?  We were are using SGE + mvapich 1.0 and a PE that has the
$fill_up allocation rule.

I have also posted this question to the hpc_training-l at georgetown.edu
mailing list, so my apologies for people who get this email multiple

Any help is appreciated.

-- KS

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