[Beowulf] High Performance SSH/SCP

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Thu Feb 14 10:01:16 PST 2008

On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 12:33:57 -0500 (EST) "Robert G. Brown" wrote:

> >
> >> Any idea if the openssh people are going to incorporate the patch
> >> permanently?  Any hope of replacing the "Ciphers none" option
> >> (even with
> >
> > I think they've permanently rejected it.
> Grrrr.  Do the PSC folks plan to put their code into e.g. F8 as a
> fork/option?  It is so easy to yum install X, so big a pain to hand
> build an rpm to install as an alternative and then have to hand
> maintain thereafter as e.g. security fixes come out.

Fedora's policy is to closely follow upstream.  Its *very* unlikely
that Fedora will ever accept patches that the official OpenSSH
maintainers reject.

Hopefully the PSC folks (or other parties) can convince the OpenSSH
maintainers to allow some options (dynamic buffers, disabled encryption
of the non-handshake payload, etc.) that result in higher-bandwidth


ps - For ssh transfers over long distances (high-bandwith and high
     latency) one can break the data up into pieces and run multiple 
     ssh transfers in parallel.  Transmitting terabyte data sets from 
     the West Coast to the East Coast over Abilene I've seen >10X
     speedups (that is, >10X the overall throughput) when running 
     15--20 simultaneous ssh sessions.

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