[Beowulf] High Performance SSH/SCP

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Thu Feb 14 07:32:36 PST 2008

> It would be nice if they would revive the old ssh flag for turning off
> encryption altogether.  That alone would make let us all finally and

the PSC folk have a patch for that "HPN SSH".  it works fine.
it's actually smart enough to do the session setup (auth, etc)
using the usual set of ciphers, then switches to unencrypted 
("ssh -oNoneSwitch=yes -oNoneEnabled=yes").

> Any idea if the openssh people are going to incorporate the patch
> permanently?  Any hope of replacing the "Ciphers none" option (even with

I think they've permanently rejected it.

I find that arcfour is a lot faster than the other (non-none) defaults.

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