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Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Dec 29 07:01:21 PST 2008

OUR users are willing to pony up the funds to buy Matlab.  We're already 
running Octave but they claimed they didn't know how to use it.  Even 
after we showed them Matlab scripts that "just ran" on Octave.

As for Fortran vs C, "real scientists program in Fortran.  Real Old 
Scientists program in Fortran-66.  Carbon-dated scientists can still 
recall IBM FORTRAN-G and -H."

Actually, a number of our mathematicians use C for their codes, but 
don't seem to be doing much more than theoretical codes.  The guys 
who're wwriting/rewriting practical codes (weather models, computational 
chemistry, reservoir simulations in solid earth) seem to stick to 
Fortran here.


Jeff Layton wrote:
> I hate to tangent (hijack?) this subject, but I'm curious about your 
> class poll. Did the people who were interested in Matlab consider Octave?
> Thanks!
> Jeff
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> N.B. the recent MPI class we gave suggested that we need to re-tool it
> to focus more upon Fortran than C.  There was no interest in Java from
> the class I polled.  Some researchers want to use Matlab for their work,
> but most university computing facilities are loathe to spend the money
> to get site licenses for Matlab.  Unfortunate, as Matlab is a very cool
> tool (been playing with it first in 1988 ...) its just not fast.  The
> folks at Interactive Supercomputing might be able to help with this with
> their compiler.

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