[Beowulf] using Nagios to monitor compute nodes: NPRE vs check_by_ssh

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 23 01:30:31 PST 2008

2008/12/23 Rahul Nabar <rpnabar at gmail.com>

> I'd like (2) because it is more secure and seems easier to deploy but
> I'm a bit afraid if this will overtax my central server.
> Any suggestions? Are other users using Nagios here?
Rahul, I'm not a Nagios expert, but I have used NRPE for monitoring quite
some time on the past.

My answer would be to give it a try - I'm sure that for the workload type
monitoring you are talkign about you could turn down the frequency of the
checks if the load is too high.
It would be interesting to hear your findings on the list when you try it.

Re NRPE, why do you say it would be too difficult to deploy?
The method would be to get it right on one node, then set it up on other
nodes using a parallel command shell, such as pdsh or cexec. You do have
something like that in place I trust?

John H
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