[Beowulf] power usage, Intel 5160 vs. AMD 2216

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Jul 13 07:48:47 PDT 2007

This time without the error ...

Joe Landman wrote:

>     1GB KVR667D2S4P5/1G $77.91USD
>     2GB KVR667D2S4P5K2/2G $150.41USD

The "K" in this is the "kit" version (e.g. 2 dimms).

Rough equivalents are KVR667D2D4P5/2G (dual rank x4) and KVR667D2S4P5/2G 
(single rank x4).

Of course once you search for the right part pricing, thats when you get 
a slap in the face ...

   2GB DIMMs of KVR667D2S4P5/2G at $308 from googled resellers.

If you think those are bad, look at the 4GB dimms.

My apologies.  It is hard to compare consistent 1GB vs 2GB with same 
number of ranks and chips.  I thought I had it, but missed the pesky "K" 
in the part number.  Single ranks look like they have a little more 
overall power consumption than dual rank. I would have thought it the 
other way around.


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