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Here at University of Andorra we had some problems getting the authorization to install Linux in just one of the labs. We installed Ubuntu. 

Six months later, user feedback made it possible to convert all but one of them to Ubuntu.

It should be mentionned that our kids, like yours, are average barely-out-of-highschool, and that computer litteracy depends a whole lot on which school thay have attented previously - and on home income. Even a 500 Euro laptop an be a big strain on some people's economies.

Several of our nursing students have gone straight from zero to KDE *without* getting lost in the murky wilderness of Windows. No pain. ;-) 

-Alan Ward

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On Wednesday 24 January 2007 8:17 pm, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:

> As linux is total unusuable by the average grammar- and highschool kid,
> windows is the only alternative to them.

Fortunately someone forgot to tell the ones in Australia about that!

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