[Beowulf] An OT patented rgb editorial rant, skip if you like...

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed Jan 24 18:14:31 PST 2007

On Wednesday 24 January 2007 8:17 pm, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:

> As linux is total unusuable by the average grammar- and highschool kid,
> windows is the only alternative to them.

Fortunately someone forgot to tell the ones in Australia about that!

Some quotes from people I know:

# My daughter turns seven this weekend. She started school last year.  She is
# using my FreeBSD/Gnome2 driven laptop. 

# My 13yo nephew decided to try out Linux on his Mac a couple of months ago,
# so I downloaded him a Ubuntu disc and send him home with it with the promise
# that next time I'm over there I'll help him install.
# The next time I visit he's not only partitioned his HD and installed Ubunutu
# he's gone to a Ubunutu forum and found and followed instructions to 
# <CRTL>-<ALT> to a console and edit xorg.conf (using vi!) to overcome a DRI 
# incompatability with his old Mac which left him with a blank screen on
# bootup.  

# My daughter (now 13) grew up on a diet of OS9/OSX, Windows and Linux.
# Now she has Ubuntu on her blueberry iMac as Mac OSX was a bit slow and I 
# was not going to pay for Mac programs. (she won the iMac) 

and my favourite:

# Well actually, my son with using Linux to surf the web, and play some 
# games from when he was 2. 
# This was a stock install of Debian with the KDE Desktop. I just put the 
# icons on the desktop, and had it auto login for him. (he had some  
# trouble with a user name and a secure password). 

If we expect children of that age to learn multiple languages (something I've 
never managed to do, I can't even speak my own native tongue of Welsh) then 
why should they find different computer systems any more difficult ?

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