[Beowulf] SGI to offer Windows on clusters

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jan 19 05:44:27 PST 2007

>> hmm, curious argument - why do you think MOSIX will be more efficient
>> than a "normal" cluster when confronted with a trivial/serial workload?
>> is there something about a typical pbs/sge/lsf/etc system that you think
>> can't handle serial jobs?
> I probbably expressed my self i a bad way.  What i mean is that with a MOSIX 
> extension you can start a large bunch of "serial" processes on one node and 
> these will then migrate in a balanced way in the cluster.  A MOSIX extension

sure, Mosix has been around a while, so is reasonably well-know,
as is Scyld's approach.  what I'm interested in is whether Mosix
functions well in a more-than-toy cluster (say, at least 100p).

I guess I also am uncertain where Mosix's competitive advantage lies.
my experience is that a serial-job workload is so undemanding that 
migration is unnecessary - it's mainly for parallel jobs where you 
really want migration.  (in SHARCnet, there is a strong correlation
for serial jobs to also be relatively short and quite small in memory
use.  not _all_ are, of course, but certainly most.)

regards, mark hahn.

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