[Beowulf] Optimal BIOS settings for Tyan K8SRE

Bruce Allen ballen at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Sun Sep 3 15:10:35 PDT 2006


Search the archives of this list to find some advice from me and others 
about setting the ECC features.


On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, stephen mulcahy wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm maintaining a 20-node cluster of Tyan K8SREs (4GB RAM, dual Opteron
> 270s) which are being used primarily for Oceanographic modelling (MPICH2
> running on Debian/Linux 2.6 kernel).
> I had to make some tweaks to make all 4GB of RAM visible to the OS.
> I'm now at the point where I'm considering a pass at performance tuning
> the system. Before I start on OS level tuning, I'm trying to figure out
> whether there are any performance improvements to be had from tweaking
> BIOS settings, particularly those relating to Memory and ECC. I have a
> reasonable conceptual understanding of what the various settings are doing
> (and have glanced at the AMD BIOS developers guide for reference) but I am
> very unclear on what the potential performance impact of any of these
> settings are. Does anyone have any general advice or pointers to good
> reference information on this?
> My current settings are,
> Hammer Configuration
> 	HT-LDT Frequency	Auto
> 	Dual-Core Enable	Enabled
> 	ECC Features
> 		ECC	Enabled
> 		ECC Scrub Redirection	Enabled
> 		Dram ECC Scrub CTL	Disabled
> 		Chip-Kill	Disabled
> 		DCACHE ECC Scrub CTL	Disabled
> 		L2 ECC Scrub CTL	Disabled
> 	Memory Hole
> 		4GB Memory Hole Adjust	Manual
> 		4GB Memory Hole Size	768 MB
> 		IOMMU	Enabled
> 		Size	32 MB
> 		Memhole mapping	Hardware
> 	Memory Config
> 		Swizzle Memory Banks	Enabled
> 		DDR clock jitter	Disabled
> 		DDR Data Transfer Rate	Auto
> 		Enable all memory clocks	Populated
> 		Controller config mode	Auto
> 		Timing config mode	Auto
> 	AMD PowerNow!	Disabled
> 	Node Memory Interleave	Auto
> 	Dram Bank Interleave	Auto
> 	GART Error Reporting	Disabled
> 	MTRR Mapping	Discrete
> Any comments on those welcome.
> Thanks,
> -stephen

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