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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
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On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Douglas Eadline wrote:

> Vincent,
> I fear I have fallen into a "vincent-hole" in which there exists
> a point at which a discussion-horizon is crossed
> and my ability to understand what you are talking
> about ceases to exist. For me, after crossing this threshold
> the point of the discussion is lost and I enter a state
> of maximum entropy.

If by this you mean it is time for this thread to DIE DIE DIE then I
agree heartily.

Chess is arguably HPC and arguably interesting as a class of
particularly difficult parallel problem, but it is also definitely not
mainstream HPC.


>> Right now the big games (other than chess) sell 3-5 million copies a year
>> (50-100 euro a product),
>> and compared to that chess is very tiny. Chessmaster still claims 4
>> million
>> unit sales, but that's over
>> a number of years, not within 1 year.
>> So in that sense releasing a chessproduct is commercially not so
>> interesting.
>> Creating some new game, making a lot of bla bla around it and hope to get
>> one of the games that sell 3-5 million copies a year, is far more
>> interesting.
>> If you compare that with hardware, then those manufacturers still rip off
>> people. That new quad
>> core2 chip is going to release at 999 euro next month and of course is
>> very
>> fast.
>> But just look to the huge price of it as compared to software games.
>> Vincent
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>>>>> Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
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>>>> Well the hard facts is that hundreds of thousands of $3000-$20k
>>>> chesscomputers (dedicated with a 10Mhz chip) have been sold until the
>>>> pc
>>>> was
>>>> faster than the dedicated chesscomputers. A vaste multiple indeed of
>>>> that
>>>> of
>>>> $50-$1000 computers has been sold at the time.
>>> Are you saying:  At least 100,000 chess computers were sold for an
>>> average of $6000 (US) for a total of $600,000,000 before the PC was
>>> introduced. Almost a billion dollar chess computer market segment.
>>> You are right, that is a hard fact to believe.
>>> --
>>> Doug
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