[Beowulf] A suitable motherboard for newbie

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 27 13:21:51 PST 2006


Why not go for quad core intel or dual core intel?

About every test they are faster except when you need 1 terabyte of RAM and fast latency to that RAM; some CFD type workload so to speak that is latency based, in which case more cpu power doesn't help so single core 3Ghz AMD's are fastest in that case, because they give a faster latency to RAM.

Basically you'll need 1 switch, 5 mainboards, 5 cpu's + coolers, some RAM for each mainboard and 5 psu's.
As it is low budget i assume you can make the case yourself from some wood in a free weekend.

You can boot over the network, though i never did do that myself.

What software do you intend to run at it?

Not all software works genius at clusters.

p.s. are you family from Djafar Baigi, the very intelligent and resourceful Iranian who lives in Germany?

Best regards,

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  Hi everybody at Beowulf,

  At the first, I must say that I am a newcomer to HPC clustering and Beowulf experienced family. I hope I can get experienced via jointing this family and achieve my burning ambition which is to become an HPC-man in scientific realms. 

  After this brief introduction, I have a question and need guidance. I want to implement a cluster with five nodes. Our budget is limited and I have to miss some unneeded parts like monitor, keyboard, CDROM, and so. My plan is based on AMD OPTERON dual-core. Does anyone have any idea about suitable motherboards? 

  Thanks and thanks a lot in advance,

  Ruhollah Moussavi B. 


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