[Beowulf] A suitable motherboard for newbie

Ruhollah Moussavi Baigi ruhollah.mb at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 03:52:08 PST 2006

Hi everybody at Beowulf,

At the first, I must say that I am a newcomer to HPC clustering and Beowulf
experienced family. I hope I can get experienced via jointing this family
and achieve my burning ambition which is to become an HPC-man in scientific

After this brief introduction, I have a question and need guidance. I want
to implement a cluster with five nodes. Our budget is limited and I have to
miss some unneeded parts like monitor, keyboard, CDROM, and so. My plan is
based on AMD OPTERON dual-core. Does anyone have any idea about suitable

Thanks and thanks a lot in advance,

Ruhollah Moussavi B.
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