[Beowulf] non-proprietary IPMI card?

Joel Jaeggli joelja at uoregon.edu
Sun Nov 26 14:02:47 PST 2006

not quite ipmi-like but the pci-weasel will do text-mode vga console to
serial and push the reset button...


as ipmi has matured though we reduced our reliance on weasels since they
are comparatively expensive and pci slots are scarce in smaller boxes
(it's been my experience that I don't need the environmental monitoring
when the box is wedged. of course impi can bring the machine back from
the dead (power it bck on) so there really is no replacement for some of
it's functionality.

Mark Hahn wrote:
> has anyone ever seen a PCI add-in card that offered IPMI-like functions?
> I'm familiar with builtin or proprietary add-on IPMI for server-class
> boards,
> but it would seem quite valuable to have a generic PCI/PCIE card that
> offered the usual LAN interface (IPMI/SSH/etc).
> I know it could not necessarily access things like MB power/fans/etc,
> but it
> could be plugged into the MB reset and power switches (interpose), and it
> could have a serial port on the cardedge to connect to bios/console
> serial redirection, if the bios supports that.
> I'm not even sure whether it would be impossible for it to connect to
> the power/fan/temp stuff, since they're usually I2c, and I would think
> accessible over the PCI.  (would require per-MB configuration, of course,
> but for an optional feature, that's not crazy.)
> the real appeal is that you could stick one of these into a normal PC...
> thanks, mark.
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