[Beowulf] non-proprietary IPMI card?

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Sun Nov 26 12:58:34 PST 2006

has anyone ever seen a PCI add-in card that offered IPMI-like functions?
I'm familiar with builtin or proprietary add-on IPMI for server-class boards,
but it would seem quite valuable to have a generic PCI/PCIE card that 
offered the usual LAN interface (IPMI/SSH/etc).

I know it could not necessarily access things like MB power/fans/etc, but it
could be plugged into the MB reset and power switches (interpose), and it
could have a serial port on the cardedge to connect to bios/console serial 
redirection, if the bios supports that.

I'm not even sure whether it would be impossible for it to connect to 
the power/fan/temp stuff, since they're usually I2c, and I would think
accessible over the PCI.  (would require per-MB configuration, of course,
but for an optional feature, that's not crazy.)

the real appeal is that you could stick one of these into a normal PC...

thanks, mark.

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