[Beowulf] Core 2 Duo Bugs: Any importance in the beowulf field?

Douglas Eadline deadline at clustermonkey.net
Sat Nov 11 16:15:31 PST 2006

Generally these issues are handled by compilers, BIOS, microcode
updates, and steppings of the processor. All new processors have
a list of bugs. The AI 39 seems to be of some concern.

Check this document,


Again, don't be alarmed this is standard for all processors.


> Hi all.
> Wel, let me go straigh to the point: I'm a begginer, more or less
> enthusiastic about the beowulf world. I've been keeping track of this list
> for a good time.
> I would like to aks just one single (and probably stupid) question: A few
> months ago, Intel released a small list of bugs of the first version of
> the
> Core 2 chips family. Much discussion has gone around the web about whether
> or not these bugs (or some, or any of them) would affect any class of
> users.
> I haven't seen such a discussion here. I would like to know if there
> aren't
> any concerns on using this chips in the kind ofapplication beowulfs are
> usually used? Specially for scientific applications?
> And what's the experience anyone got with those chips? Good, bad...
> Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry for wasting your tie,
> Sincerally yours,
> Jones
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