[Beowulf] Core 2 Duo Bugs: Any importance in the beowulf field?

Jones de Andrade johannesrs at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 19:45:31 PST 2006

Hi all.

Wel, let me go straigh to the point: I'm a begginer, more or less
enthusiastic about the beowulf world. I've been keeping track of this list
for a good time.

I would like to aks just one single (and probably stupid) question: A few
months ago, Intel released a small list of bugs of the first version of the
Core 2 chips family. Much discussion has gone around the web about whether
or not these bugs (or some, or any of them) would affect any class of users.

I haven't seen such a discussion here. I would like to know if there aren't
any concerns on using this chips in the kind ofapplication beowulfs are
usually used? Specially for scientific applications?

And what's the experience anyone got with those chips? Good, bad...

Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry for wasting your tie,

Sincerally yours,

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