[Beowulf] Beginners Forum info!

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Nov 6 14:38:41 PST 2006

At 12:45 PM 11/6/2006, Mark Hahn wrote:
>>Is there a beginners forum to subscribe to?
>why a forum?  there are tons of excellent resources on the web
>that you can read to get up-to-speed.  it's a lot more time-effective
>for everyone if you pick up the background first.
>>I just purchased 4 used PIII computers and Red Hat 7.1
>why the heck would you ever bother with RH 7.1?!?
>>and would like to begin learning about cluster
>>computing. Where should I start?

You could use something like Cluster Knoppix.  Burn 4 copies of the 
disk, fling them into the drives, fire up the computers, and go to town.

But another poster's suggestion go to ClusterMonkey is a good 
one.  There's some tutorials there on getting revved up on the first 
go around.    ClusterWorld magazine had some tutorials too (is it 
online?  I just have the paper copies lying around)

Burn a few disks, fire up that MPI POVray, etc.

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