[Beowulf] What can a HS student do with a small Beowulf?

sNAAPS eLYK 3lucid at gmail.com
Wed May 24 20:07:49 PDT 2006

Hmm, I'm new with mailing lists as well... I believe I've been mostly
replying to inviduals and not to the list...

Again, thanks to everyone for the replies.
To clarify, [and maybe restate?] I'm going to uWaterloo for Honours B.Sc. in
Physics. Computers are just a passionate hobby that I got into when I was
young. So much so, I'd like to major in quantum computing, perhaps get into
R&D and "making"[not entirely sure what that entails just yet...] new kinds
of computers/architechtures...

So what I get so far is:
->forget about the beowulf for now until I've got a clear focus, and
concentrate more on building my coding and linux skillz [pardon the
vernacular, but as an avid teen gamer I felt it was appropriate]. I've got a
bunch of computer's that aren't good enough for LAN'ing today's games with
my friends, so why not change my lamo Windows home network into a crafty
Linux one? Right? [For all intentents and purposes, in the scope of this
converasation, BSD=Linux, n'est-ce pas?]
->And for coding, I'll get reading through those articles, and decide for
myself what I would like to learn [my god, what is a "quiche" and how would
one eat it? /rhetorical Q]
->And finally, for keeping track of myself, Subversion > CVS [I'll look into
those two as well]

A footnote, Bawls > Jolt [the Canadian recipe of Bawls at least, I've yet to
try the original American Bawls]

Ugh, but now I have to get back to concentrating on school work, just a few
more weeks until exams in June!
That said, I'm glad I chose something fun for my English Independant Study
Project [von Neumann and Game Theory], but as for that Great Expectations
essay <shudders>
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