[Beowulf] Tools for graphing (creating graphics of) execution sequences

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Sat Mar 4 05:24:22 PST 2006

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Eric Thibodeau wrote:

> The environment context:
> 	 I work only under linux, so no windows alternative ( like I'd get any :P ).

I fully appreciate this;-)

> Some of the tools that come in mind:
> xfig
> inkscape
> oodraw (OpenOffice)
> odipodi

You might look into dia.  dia is an "object oriented" xfig-like tool
that provides you with a palette of prebuilt active "objects" for doing
the kind of graphical design you are referring to.  For example, there
are palettes for electrical and chemical engineering, for logic, for
networking (it's a Cool Tool for putting together a pretty picture with
a graphical representation of a beowulf cluster, although it's rackmount
workstations have a strange identifiable similarity to sun pizza boxes
with a little diamond logo and everything:-), and so on.  In particular,
though, there is a flow-chart palette, with the usual conditional
diamonds, parallelogram boxes, rectangular boxes, etc.  I've used it a
few times for REALLY complex tasks, although I solve most mundane
problems in flow in my head with no flow chart (in clear violation of
what I was taught in CPS 1 back in 1974, sigh).

I have never tried to add to or alter its palettes (a tempting idea if
you have an object-graphic application in mind that you want to chart)
but I'd guess that it isn't too difficult, especially if you use an
existing set as a template.


> 	Any comments about subjects mentioned above are more than welcommed!
> Eric Thibodeau
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