[Beowulf] Tools for graphing (creating graphics of) execution sequences

Eric Thibodeau kyron at neuralbs.com
Thu Mar 2 17:34:08 PST 2006

Hello everyone,

	I'll try to keep this short and condensed. I'm essentially looking for _your_ 
favorite app / procedure when faced with making sequence/context switching 
graphs and would like to use the one that will be the most "appropriate" for 
my situation:

The "gists" of it:
	I need to generate graphics of execution sequences to explain how a process 
(ie: sGA, sMOGA) runs sequentially and then show where and how this process 
can be split up. The graphics I am thinking of are traditionally horizontal 
bars which are usually split up into multiple parallel sub-portions as the 
process gets dissected by the author...me ;) . These bars can be commented 
with either time ticks, variable names, zoomed portions, etc.

The usage context:
	The intent of these graphics are for inclusion in a Latex document and 
(hopefully) for publishing. The document itself intends to be a little 
"HOWTO" for parallelisation of simple Multi Objective real coded Genetic 
Algorithms into Master/Slave and/or Island topology in the context of a 
Beowulf cluster.

The environment context:
	 I work only under linux, so no windows alternative ( like I'd get any :P ). 
Some of the tools that come in mind:
oodraw (OpenOffice)

	Any comments about subjects mentioned above are more than welcommed!

Eric Thibodeau

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