[Beowulf] compatibility between different versions of mpich

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Jun 30 02:47:49 PDT 2006


Am 30.06.2006 um 07:18 schrieb Toon Knapen:

> Patrick Geoffray wrote:
>>> And what about the mpirun script that comes with mpichgm? What  
>>> happens if that is being used to launch an application that was  
>>> linked to (the static library) of an mpich-installation that was  
>>> configured to use the ch_p4 device?
> So if our application is linked with mpichgm but our user has mpich  
> for ch_p4 installed or has no mpi installation at all, is it  
> advised to distribute the mpirun script (of our mpichgm  
> installation) with our application? If yes, what exactly do we need  
> to distribute (only the mpirun script or more) ?

for each MPI implementation you will have to use the right mpirun. I  
had up to now never problems having a MPICH 1.2.4 program (static  
library MPICH ch_p4 used) and use the mpirun from 1.2.7p1. Easiest  
would be to compile MPICH with --prefix to a local folder in your  
home directory and provide the complete "bin" directory which will be  
created therein, although mpirun, mpirun.args, mpirun.ch_p4 and  
mpirun.ch_p4.args might be sufficient.

The mpichgm is different, as it uses some PERL scripts AFAIK. Also  
the amount of issued rsh-calls is different: MPICH will use n-1 times  
rsh, while mpichgm uses n times rsh to the nodes. Sometime you also  
have to adjust the queuingsystem to honor this difference.

So be sure to adjust your PATH to get the correct mpirun for the  
compiled program. Otherwise you will see strange error messages,  
which won't point to the source of the error directly.

-- Reuti

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