[Beowulf] compatibility between different versions of mpich

Toon Knapen toon.knapen at fft.be
Thu Jun 29 22:18:45 PDT 2006

Patrick Geoffray wrote:

>> And what about the mpirun script that comes with mpichgm? What happens 
>> if that is being used to launch an application that was linked to (the 
>> static library) of an mpich-installation that was configured to use 
>> the ch_p4 device?

So if our application is linked with mpichgm but our user has mpich for 
ch_p4 installed or has no mpi installation at all, is it advised to 
distribute the mpirun script (of our mpichgm installation) with our 
application? If yes, what exactly do we need to distribute (only the 
mpirun script or more) ?

Thanks for the help,


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