[Beowulf] Re: [MPICH] EOF from console

Philip Sydney Lavers psl02 at uow.edu.au
Mon Jun 12 16:06:15 PDT 2006

Hello Mathew,
How many LAN cards per board? If more than one try ifconfig down on the card that is not meant to be in the ring.
Also check that hostname on each board is actually what mpd thinks it is. 
Also are using LAN hub or switch?


Philip Lavers

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>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 16:49:08 +0100
>From: tjue1 at sussex.ac.uk  
>Subject: [MPICH] EOF from console  
>To: beowulf at beowulf.org, mpich-discuss at mcs.anl.gov
>Hi list 
>Im doing some experiments on an embedded platform and am building a 
>Beowulf cluster from them. I have a unusual setup as the boards have 
>limited memory and i am using MPICH 2 (latest). The setup is a bit 
>strange as Python is accessable to the boards via an NFS mount. 
>I can start an MPD daemon on a single board with no problems. I can 
>also add a further three to the ring with no probs. Adding a fith 
>causes an error. (see below) 
>(im adding nodes manually rather than using mpdboot. When I get it 
>working manually I will get mpdboot working. 
>Heres the problem: 
>(from first board) 
>mpdtrace -l 
>board01_2048 ( 
>I then add others into the ring as: 
>mpd -h board01 -p 2048 & 
>I can continue to add boards until I try and add a 5th. When adding a 
>5th using the above method I get: 
>mpdtrace & 
>mpdtrace (mpdtrace 57): got eof on console 
>Jul 22 08:33:49 board05 python2.3: mpdtrace (mpdtrace 57): got eof on 
>I have to admit im baffled. Can anyone shed some light on this? If more 
>specific information will help please tell me. 

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