[Beowulf] EOF from console

Matthew Fowler tjue1 at central.susx.ac.uk
Mon Jun 12 08:49:08 PDT 2006

Hi list 
Im doing some experiments on an embedded platform and am building a 
Beowulf cluster from them. I have a unusual setup as the boards have 
limited memory and i am using MPICH 2 (latest). The setup is a bit 
strange as Python is accessable to the boards via an NFS mount. 
I can start an MPD daemon on a single board with no problems. I can 
also add a further three to the ring with no probs. Adding a fith 
causes an error. (see below) 
(im adding nodes manually rather than using mpdboot. When I get it 
working manually I will get mpdboot working. 
Heres the problem: 
(from first board) 
mpdtrace -l 
board01_2048 ( 
I then add others into the ring as: 
mpd -h board01 -p 2048 & 
I can continue to add boards until I try and add a 5th. When adding a 
5th using the above method I get: 
mpdtrace & 
mpdtrace (mpdtrace 57): got eof on console 
Jul 22 08:33:49 board05 python2.3: mpdtrace (mpdtrace 57): got eof on 
I have to admit im baffled. Can anyone shed some light on this? If more 
specific information will help please tell me. 

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