[Beowulf] ECC settings for Opteron 175 + Serverworks HT1000 chipset

Bruce Allen ballen at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Fri Jan 27 08:35:07 PST 2006

>>    L2 Cache BG Scrub
>>                 not DRAM related
>>    Data Cache BG Scrub
>>                 not DRAM related
>> [Note from Bruce: can anyone on the list make recommendations about this 
>> last two, non-DRAM-related SCRUB settings??]

> Sounds like we must not Scrub the memory too frequently because it might 
> slow down the memory access, am I wrong ? This could explain mark remark 
> to delay the DRAM scrubbing to its maximum value.

This sounds reasonable, but I really don't know if it's right.  I've asked 
Mark for more information about this, but meanwhile I thought that there 
might be someone on the list who knew more...


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