[Beowulf] recommandation search for 64 bits tools for video/raid

Andrew M.A. Cater amacater at galactic.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 23 11:25:09 PST 2006

On Mon, Jan 23, 2006 at 04:53:11AM +0100, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
> Hello,
> Simple question, i've set up a new dual opteron (tyan S2881UG2NR board) and 
> stumbled into some problems in windows 64 bits.
Go and talk to Microsoft - if this is really Windows XP 64 bit edition.
If it's X.org we may be able to help: CLUE - this is mostly a Unix and
Linux speaking list.

> First of all there seems a big lack of support in form of tools. ATI tools 
> seem to not be capable of put
> videocards in > 75Hz vertical. This is kind of a problem. 

Talk to ATI - if it's  a Windows XP driver.

> I'll need at least 100Hz vertical here as there is a
> pretty big electro magnetic field where the machines is located (around 4+ 
> microtesla at 50Hz),
> which means at 75Hz the display looks like an interlaced clockswing. An 
> XP64 driver i could not find, perhaps server2003 x64
> solves this issue?

Have you considered metal screening? LCD screens may help rather than
traditional CRT monitors but mu metal screens would be best :)
Run an X Windows server under Windows and serve the display to a remote
CRT? Drop to the equivalent of the old DOS prompt and use putty and SSH?

> As this card is in many system boards perhaps someone in this mailing list 
> knows the solution.
> Secondly i'm searching for a tool to monitor the raid10 array.
> I like to know when a drive breaks down and needs to be replaced.
> The silicon image tool isn't working. Can't even detect that i'm booting off
> a silican image 3114 raid controller.
There are lots of RAID monitoring tools under Linux of various sorts.
Silicon Image tend to have a slightly bad press - they have hardware
that is not true hardware raid but relies on software drivers a great
deal. A good hardware RAID card from someone like 3ware will help

> I probably do something incredible simple wrong here, but i'm unable to 
> detect what. Suggestions?

Assuming that (Microsoft) Windows is fully ready for 64 bit is probably 
wrong at this stage. It may not be ready until Vista, if then. Install
32 bit Windows XP / Server and see if that is more stable OR
do the most sensible thing and install Linux. Debian, SuSE/Novell,
Ubuntu and Mandriva will all probably work with relatively few problems.

> Many thanks in advance for answerring,
> Vincent
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