[Beowulf] recommandation search for 64 bits tools for video/raid

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 22 19:53:11 PST 2006


Simple question, i've set up a new dual opteron (tyan S2881UG2NR board) and 
stumbled into some problems in windows 64 bits.

First of all there seems a big lack of support in form of tools. ATI tools 
seem to not be capable of put
videocards in > 75Hz vertical. This is kind of a problem. I'll need at least 
100Hz vertical here as there is a
pretty big electro magnetic field where the machines is located (around 4+ 
microtesla at 50Hz),
which means at 75Hz the display looks like an interlaced clockswing. An XP64 
driver i could not find, perhaps server2003 x64
solves this issue?

As this card is in many system boards perhaps someone in this mailing list 
knows the solution.

Secondly i'm searching for a tool to monitor the raid10 array.
I like to know when a drive breaks down and needs to be replaced.
The silicon image tool isn't working. Can't even detect that i'm booting off
a silican image 3114 raid controller.

I probably do something incredible simple wrong here, but i'm unable to 
detect what. Suggestions?

Many thanks in advance for answerring,

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