[Beowulf] OT: some quick Areca rpm packages for interested users

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed Dec 27 20:24:51 PST 2006

Hi Yaroslav:

Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

>> If you are a Linux Weekly News subscriber (and if you're not you
>> probably should be, it's a great news resource) you can read about it
>> here (should be 
> resource is great indeed. forcing them me to pay money for the
> subscription is not good IMHO... I prefer to donate my spare time and
> participate in FOSS projects (I am a GNU/Debian DD).

The LWN folks (Jon Corbet and others) do a great job.  Unfortunately 
they can't work for free, they have bills to pay.  Donating spare time, 
while honorable, does little to help them pay their salaries, their 
server hosting/net connection bills, which allow them to continue to do 
what they do.  Considering the value I believe they bring, I have for 
the past several years, been a paying subscriber.  Unlike many of the 
other advertiser laden puff-zines out there, LWN is IMO a valuable 

>> freely available at the end of the week when the next weekly news comes out):
> I will come back to read it then probably

If you have the financial wherewithal to support them, I urge you to do 
so.  If not, try contacting Jon (his email is on the site), and see if 
you can contribute articles.



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