[Beowulf] hpl size problems

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Sep 29 06:30:45 PDT 2005

Chris Samuel writes:

> On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:36 pm, Robert G. Brown wrote:
>> Harummph.  I'm just working on trying to fool a committee into thinking
>> I've got a cluster that can pass the Turing test... isn't there a prize
>> of some sort for that?
> How do we know that you haven't already succeeded, and also combined it with 
> an AI expert system on clusters ?  Could explain a lot, really.. ;-)

Y'all joke, but I have the code for Eliza lying around here somewhere
and once upon a time built a Sethbot.  With me there is an actual lag in
answering questions -- much longer than a parallelized rgbbot would take
-- but Seth (as those of you who are on the yum list or dulug list will
know:-) usually answers questions at a time that is only seconds after
the question gets posted, even at 3:30 a.m.  Sometimes dangerously close
to slightly BEFORE the question gets posted, but we ARE a physics
department and you can safely assume that we can manipulate event
ordering within certain relativistic limits:-).

I don't think it would be that hard to write a parallelized beobot to at
least answer FAQ's.  It would be a hoot to try.  Scan a list question,
look for keywords, look up a stock answer, grab random paragraphs of the
post, insert:

  Gigabit ethernet can be good if network IPCs aren't important to your
  problem (and your problem is totally boring as far as parallel
  programming is concerned, but YMMV.  Think about advanced networks
  like Quadrics, Myrinet, SCI, IB anyway.


  You Fool!  That's called HIGH AVAILABILITY clustering and this is a
  HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING list!  Get thee to a nunnery (and get off
  our list)!


  You want to build a cluster on top of WINDOWS?  ROTFL.  Use linux
  instead, and donate all the money you save on migraine medicine to a
  worthy charity.



We could even give it "personalities".  The lindahlbot (terse. very
terse:-).  The hahnbot (show me the numbers:-).  The luxbot (these
electrons have to go HERE, not THERE:-).  the beckerbot -- no, for that
AI wouldn't do as you'd have to BOTH solve the Turing problem AND attach
a terabyte database of cluster knowledge and experience:-).

The rgbbot would simply wear a red nose and clown costume and squeeze a
tooter bulb while quacking like a duck, same as it ever does...


("duck"ing and running for for the fallout shelter, donning his superman
pj's mistakenly thinking it is a fireproof suit as he run...)
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