[Beowulf] Povray + MPI

award at andorra.ad award at andorra.ad
Tue Sep 20 02:59:41 PDT 2005

Hello everybody.

I'm looking for the MPI version of Povray, for a typical graphical demo
(I'm asking for funds). My problem is I can find the MPI patch for Povray
3.1, but only the source code for Povray 3.5/3.6 . Substancial differences
between 3.1 and 3.6 include the passage from C to C++, etc. ... it just
won't work.

Could anybody give me a pointer to either a compatible MPI Patch + Povray
source, or a compiled version for RedHat 9 + Gcc 3.2.2 ? Any >= 3.0
version would be fine.

Best regards,
Alan Ward

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