[Beowulf] cernlib

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Oct 13 15:58:49 PDT 2005

I'm asking this on this list on the reasonable chance that there are
scientific linux people on it.

   a) Is cernlib prebuilt in rpm's in SL?
   b) Is it available in build-ready src rpm's as well?
   c) If a) is "yes", Will cernlib rpms (to your knowledge) install cleanly
      on FC4 or Centos 4, given that Centos 4 in particular should have a
      nearly identical base?
   d) If no, does anyone have a recommended way of getting cernlib for an
FC4 or Centos box?  Last time I tried to build it it was pain, pain,
pain (some years ago, mind you).  I'm hoping they've moved a bit closer
to SUS/Posic compliance and buildability with standard linux compilers,
e.g. gcc and/or g77.
   e) Comments, instructions, whomps upside the head with manuals


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