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Srihari Angaluri srihari at VerariSoft.Com
Tue Nov 22 11:27:47 PST 2005


I read the article. Just wanted to point out that there were indeed 
clusters running the Windows HPC edition in Microsoft's booth. I don't 
know how you missed them, but I at least know of the Dell cluster and a 
Verari cluster (I work for Verari) in their booth. We had a Landmark 
graphics demo running on the Verari cluster with the Windows HPC edition 
server and Silverstorm IB stack. Wolfram research had a demo going on a 
Dell rack. Anyway, not that this proves any point, but I thought you 
might want to amend your article since you made a strong argument about 
Microsoft not showcasing a single cluster in their booth :)

Regarding .NET, I don't think the compute cluster solution emphasizes 
using .NET for your applications. In fact, .NET is not even a 
requirement to do anything significant as far as Windows compute 
clusters go. It's just a tool to write both intranet based distributed 
applications as well as Web services (among other traditional 
Windows-centric applications). There is no specific .NET attachment to 
the HPC edition of Windows. They probably do use .NET for some of their 
tools like the job scheduler, but it doesn't prevent users from running 
traditional Windows applications using these tools, AFAIK.


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Douglas Eadline wrote:
> I also just posted an opinion piece about the Bill Gates keynote and the
> whole Microsoft HPC thing.
> http://www.clustermonkey.net//content/view/78/33/
> Enjoy
> --
> Doug
>>For those that did not attend SC05 (or those who did), Jeff Layton and I
>>have put together a blog page with some observations and announcements:
>>  http://www.clustermonkey.net//content/view/74/40/
>>We will be adding to it over the next couple of days (now that I am
>>partially recovered from last week).
>>Also, Joe Landman has his blog at http://scalability.org/
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