[Beowulf] Cluster Builder Research Site

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Tue Jun 28 10:50:30 PDT 2005

Cluster Resources, Inc and LinuxHPC.org just released the 
Cluster Builder (www.linuxhpc.org/clusterbuilder) web site 
which highlights a broad spectrum of high performance 
computing (HPC) technologies and information that can be 
used to research cluster, grid and utility-based computing 

The Web site is organized into software categories such as 
operating systems, workload managers, resource managers, 
compilers, parallel programming environments etc., as well 
as hardware categories such as processors, switches and 
interconnect standards. Cluster Builder includes both open 
source and commercial products.  The site also contains 
reviews, comparisons, pricing and more, as well as a 
service that allows you to fill out one form and have 
multiple hardware vendors of your choice provide pricing 
quotes to you.

To support the effort, please submit links of information 
sites that have been valuable to you and we will share 
them out to the community.

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