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Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 27 10:49:53 PDT 2005

At 04:30 AM 6/27/2005 +0100, Cheng, Kevin wrote: 
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mixing MPI with other libraries... 

Thanks guys for your help. I managed to get passwordless rsh & ssh to work.
I upgraded to mpich2 as I got more familiar with mpich1 and mpich2 is
running fine.

Just curious questions:

1. If one had an existing project, say a GTK or QT application with
Makefile and everything. If one wanted to incorporate MPI into this
project, one would just replace (in the Makefile) the 'GCC = gcc' to 'GCC =
mpicc', 'GXX = g++' to 'GXX = mpicxx', and also maybe include some MPI lib
paths to the INCPATHs? Is this how one can convert normal projects into
projects incorporating MPI calls?

yes it's no problem.

2. If one had an existing C MPI program. What would be the side-effects of
using the mpicxx to compile C code? Is it strict for one to use the MPI::
classes opposed to MPI_ C functions.. when force compiling under C++? 

the side effect is that you might not be able to use the latest gcc version, 
that might be sad in case the manufacturer hasn't integrated gcc 4.0 yet,
as at least for *my* software 4.0 works far better than the very bugged


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