[Beowulf] segmentation fault error for large program on beowulf cluster using intel Fortran compiler

Antonio Parodi antonio at cima.unige.it
Sun Jun 12 07:57:43 PDT 2005

I am trying to compile a large code on Beowulf cluster using the intel fortran compiler 8.1.024 and I am experiencing a problem with stack size management since when I try to start the code , it immediately crashes with a segmentation fault in spite of my system having 2 GB RAM.
The compiler options adopted in my makefile are the following 

OPT          = -I. -O3 -unroll16 -scalar_rep -nowarn -O3 -tpp7 -axN -xN -ftz -prec_div -rcd -us -g -debug -check all

LDFLG        =  -L/opt/intel/lib -Vaxlib  -lm  -static -static-libcxa

vpp5exe: addmods / $(DATAOBJ) $(PUBLICUTILS) $(UTILOBJ) $(EXTOBJ) $(SRCOBJ)
        echo linking parallel program
        ( $(LDPAR) $(LDFLG) -o lmparbin $(DATAOBJ) $(UTILOBJ) $(EXTOBJ)    \
                                   $(PUBLICUTILS) $(SRCOBJ) $(LIB) )

> the intel release_notes I knew that one of know limitations of the fortran compiler is to create segmentation violation with static link to libpthreads or similars, but I do not know to exploit this information. 
I have used different compiler options, but I cannot find out why the executable cannot work: no debugging switches help. I cannot understand if it's a compiler or system problem. 
I just know that at smaller size, the program works without problems. For bigger size problems, I try to use ulimit –s S unlimited but it does not help anymore.
I hope that someone can help me.
Thank you

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