[Beowulf] Switching

Robert Kane rkane at connect.carleton.ca
Wed Jun 8 11:25:59 PDT 2005

Good afternoon,

   I'll most likely be looking to expand my current cluster, and the 
number of new nodes purchased will be greater the capacity of the 
current switch (a Cisco 6509 with a Supervisor Engine 1A).

   My plan is take the spill-over nodes (about 32) and place them on a 
separate switch. Just a simple, cheap 48 port GigE switch. These nodes 
would only be for workup so a high-bandwith/low-latency connection to 
the rest of the nodes is not crucial.

   Connecting the switches together is where my knowledge starts to fall 
down. I do want some amount of bandwith between the two switches. Is it 
possible to do something like simply connect the two switches using a 
handful of GigE cables?


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