[Beowulf] Pi calculator/RAID accross all nodes/Mosix vs. OpenMosix

Ryan Sweet rsweet at aoes.com
Mon Feb 28 02:01:29 PST 2005

>> 3. What is the difference between Mosix(www.mosix.org) and
>> openMosix(www.openmosix.org)?
> I don't know, don't use Mosix.  But somebody on list probably does.

MOSIX started in the '70s, on PDP11.  It was ported to linux in the '90s.  It 
is a system for allowing a (pseudo)cluster-wide process id space and 
cluster-wide load balancing via process migration.  OpenMOSIX is a 
fork/re-write of MOSIX that was started a few years ago due to disagreements 
about the MOSIX license (which is not Open Source).  OpenMOSIX is released 
under the GPL, and has a much larger developer and user community than MOSIX.

If you are interested in single-system-image clustering maybe also checkout 
bproc http://sourceforge.net/projects/bproc (note - see scyld for a complete 
bproc solution)
OpenSSI http://www.openssi.org
(definitely more experimental than the above, but promising) Kerrighed 

SSI clusters are certainly interesting, but if you are new to clustering 
you may want to get your feet wet with a more traditional model first, so that 
you have a good reference point when reviewing and weighing options for SSI.


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