[Beowulf] Pi calculator/RAID accross all nodes/Mosix vs. OpenMosix

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Mon Feb 28 04:58:49 PST 2005

>>2. Does anybody know of a program that will calculate pi, one digit at a 
>>time, infinitely that will run in parallel?
> I don't know about one that will compute an infinite number of digits in
> PI, but the computation of PI via the arctan series is trivially
> partitionable in a variety of ways.  You'll spend more time working to
> sum and align the digits you get (as they obviously will have to be
> obtained and manipulated piecewise as strings) than you will doing the
> computation per se.  It actually sounds like a decent exercise, as the
> carry from small digits may have to propagate iteratively back to larger
> ones as you extend the computation farther and farther.


and others.

It is possible to calculate the digits individually using the Bailey et 
al algorithm.


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