[Beowulf] Block send mpi

rene rene at renestorm.de
Sat Feb 12 20:29:58 PST 2005

Hi folks,

i know, this isn't a mpi forum, even so allow me a question about block 

i got some(times) nice SIGSEGVs with that code (C++ implementation).
Did I code something totally wrong?
I really don't understand this function.
// int MPI_Buffer_attach( void *buffer, int size )

 int packsize;
 MPI_Pack_size (bit, MPI_INT, newcomm, &packsize);
 int bufsize = packsize + (MPI_BSEND_OVERHEAD);
 void *buf = new (void (*[packsize]) ());
 MPI_Buffer_attach (buf, bufsize);
 ierr =MPI_Bsend (&testdata[0], bit, MPI_INT, node, 0,  newcomm);
 MPI_Buffer_detach (&buf, &bufsize);

Rene Storm

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