[Beowulf] cooling question - dedicated infrastructure

Fringe Dweller steve_heaton at ozemail.com.au
Sat Feb 12 15:41:22 PST 2005

An enlightening discussion re aircon peoples. Thanks.

A couple of "war stories" :)

I think RGB touched on problems with "defaults" on aircon behaviour in 
cooler climes.

We have similar problems in warmer part of this blue marble. Your 
typical default behaviour is to put aircon into standby overnight. Even 
in the middle of summer. I mean, nobody's there and it's cooler 
overnight anyway right? Well yes but if your pushing your IT hard 
overnight... you can see the consequences. Make sure you "own" your 
aircon :)

Another reason to ensure independence from anything related to the 
"building" is power. I had a customer in a very large building who's UPS 
would always trip every weekday morning at 6am and 6:30. Why? 6am => 
aircon up! 6:30 => lift motors up! The current draw for those two events 
is staggering.

That's why you spend big bucks on the supporting infrastructure =)


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