[Beowulf] G5 beowulf cluster

Carlos Lopez Nataren natorro at fisica.unam.mx
Tue Feb 8 10:27:39 PST 2005

Hello, we, at the physics institute in Mexico have got four Xserve G5
and we would like to use them as a beowulf, my first doubt is about what
operating system to use, we've been using linux for our other clusters,
even a G4 one, but I haven't seen anything about G5, is there a linux
distribution that runs well on this type of machines? or do I better use
the operating system they came with? or are there any documentation out
there outlining the way they should be configured to be used as a

Thank you very much for any help.

Carlos Lopez Nataren <natorro at fisica.unam.mx>
Instituto de Fisica, UNAM

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